Saturday, September 18, 2010

Disney Movie Rewards Code for 5pts! Total 130 Points + Free Phone Call from Princess

Enter code T2PW84BG6Y   at Disney Movie Rewards for 5 points. You can find Disney Reward Codes in most Disney Movies. I was able to get my daughter a free Snow White scooter - no shipping, absolutely FREE - by entering the codes from movies and the free codes that are available on the web from time to time. If you haven't already done so, join Disney Movie Rewards today for freebies, savings and special offers like free phone calls from a Disney Princess and downloadable activities! There is no downside to joining this great program. Below are some older codes that you can enter, if you haven't used them you can get 130 additional points and a free phone call from a Disney Princess!

                                                          W7KY65NH3B- 5pts
9FTMRYWEK   – 50 points
FPSNN83JX9   – 25 points
9EKSMN38SH   – 50 points
ENCHANTEDCALL  – Free Disney Princess Phone Call