Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Amazon Toy Sale: Didj Hannah Montana Game $6 Spin & Sparkle Dora $6 + many more toys up to 75% off

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Didj Hannah Montana Game $6

Parker Brothers Jenga Max $5.50 GREAT DEAL, can't vouch for it because I've never bought it but this is cheaper than the clearance price at Target a few wks back

Hot Wheels Color Shifter $7.50 (Reg $23)

Pixos Disney Cars $3.99 (Reg. 19 - what? no way! I don't see anyone paying $19 for this)

I actually purchases a couple of these toys  for my daughter and while she loved the Magic Toaster, I thought it was a piece of junk - just more clutter! But she absolutely loved it. The "toaster" has a removable piece with a sponge on the end and you wet the sponge, replace it in the toaster then when your child puts the "bagel" or "toast" into the toaster, it magically goes from plain to buttered and toasted. I got mine for around $5 - this one is $4.72 right now. I have seen them in stores for up to $12! I feel bad for the person who paid full retail on this item!
On to the next toy:

We purchased Giraffalaff Limbo at Target for around $7 on clearance. At Amazon right now, it is on clearance for $9.72 and regularly sells at $19. I don't feel that we even got our $7 worth on this one. I read the reviews at Amazon and they are quite mixed but it was a FAIL for our family. The giraffe didn't laugh, the pole falls off too easily and my biggest gripe was that once you assemble it, your storage options are slim to none. While my daughter did enjoy playing with it for a minute or two, it did NOT hold her attention very long at all!