Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 Pasta & Vegetable Deluxe Cooking Sets + Bonus Hand Blender & Spoon set for $9.99 + S&H at Graveyard Mall

Get THREE full sets of the Pasta & Vegetable Deluxe Cooking Set from Graveyard Mall for only $9.99 + s&h when you use code pasta20 at checkout. These are sets you may have seen on tv infomercials where the guy adds boiling water and it cooks the pasta in what looks like a storage container. Each set comes packaged in its own box so I can give 2 sets out as gifts and if I don't like the cooker, I can use it to store pasta! It works out to $5.33 each after shipping.My total for 3 sets including the hand blender and spoon and pasta fork bonus was only $15.98- I haven't placed the order yet and it's quite possible I will change my mind after reading up on some reviews but I thought it was worth mentioning!

"Pasta Pronta Deluxe Pasta & Vegetable Cooker is perfect for helping you cook your favorite meals in minutes right in front of your eyes. You can cook pastas, vegetables, shellfish, hotdogs and more with the Pasta Pronta Deluxe! Say goodbye to dangerous boil-overs and sticky messes! Prepare quick, easy and healthy meals or snacks effortlessly!"

With your order, you get 3 Pasta Pronta Deluxe Pasta & Vegetable Cooking Sets.

Each Set Includes:

1 - Large Size Cooker

1 - Small Size Cooker

2 - Heat Seal Lids With Built-in Strainers

1 - Neoprene Heat Grip Pad

1 - Pasta Counter

1 - Recipe Booklet


Plus.... One of your sets will come with an electric hand blender, nylon spoon & nylon pasta fork

Cook in 3 simple steps: Add Boiling water, Seal & Cook, Drain & Serve as Easy as 1-2-3. It is easy to use, easy to store, lightweight, reusable and dishwasher safe.

Packaging: Each one comes packaged in brown mail order box