Sunday, September 12, 2010

1 Sale A Day 3 Pack Flexible Boom Headsets w/Motorola adapters, Button Extenders $5 each shipped, 11 DVD Documentary Set $10 shipped

1 Sale A Day

Todays Deal of the Day on 1 Sale a Day is a 3 pack of Plantronics MX153 Flexible Boom Headsets with Motorola 3.5 mm adapters on sale for $0 - you pay $4.99 S&H

Another deal for today is Instant Button Waistband Extender - Perfect for All Tight Pants, Shorts and Skirts - you pay for shipping only which is $4.99

The Wireless Deal of the Day is an 11 DVD collection of 90 Documentaries titled "The Greatest Conflict Collection". Here is a description of the set:
  • Won U.S. National Film Registry - 1990
  • Depicts the numerous air, land and sea battles that unfolded during America's great military battles
  • Sets you squarely in the center of the conflict
  • Reveals the bravery, heroism and sacrifice that was the hallmark of the men and women of our armed forces during their service in World War II
  • Great WWII Campaigns - 50 Episodes on 4 DVDs
  • Great Battles of World War II - 15 Documentaries on 4 DVDs
  • Victory At Sea - 26 Episodes on 3 DVDs
  • Run Time: 2878 minutes
  • Not rated
  • DVD Format