Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sign up for House Parties then Register for Star Wars Clone Wars Party Pack

I signed up for house parties last year and have been selected for 3 so far. Before applying to any of the parties, go Here to join House Parties. It is a fantastic program. I would absolutely love to be chosen for this party even though I don't have any little boys around here - Jeanie Grace likes to watch Clone Wars! The prize pack is mega fantastic too! If you're already a member, go to Star Wars Clone Wars to apply to host this fantastic party! If chosen here's what you will have delivered to your door step:
•Star Wars: The Clone Wars Galactic Battle Game Tournament Kit including:

- 10 Action Figures for host and guests

- Galactic Battle Game Mat for host

- Special tournament bracket poster

•A DVD containing a behind-the-scenes look at Star Wars: The Clone Wars and a sneak preview of Season 3

•10 Star Wars: The Clone Wars tattoo sheets for host and guests

•10 special codes from Sony Online Entertainment granting membership access, Station Cash™ and an in-game item for the all-new Star Wars®: Clone Wars Adventures™ virtual world

•10 Clone Cash coupons for Hasbro Star Wars action figures