Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giveaway of sampler kits from My Tsaleach (www.AmericanBathandBody.com)

Giveaway Info: I am teaming up with http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=104825262882133 for a fantastic giveaway deal! Go like My Tsaleach on facebook then refer friends to my facebook site here. Have your friend write on my wall "I was sent here by ....." so that you will get credit. The fans who refer the most people and like my tsaleach on fb will win a great little sampler kit of products from my tsaleach! 

winners will be announced on Tuesday Aug. 31

I will make a new post on my blog announcing the top 5 fans with the most referrals. I will also verify that you "liked" My Tsaleach before confirming that you are a winner. You will have 2 days to contact me with your mailing address - if you have not contacted me by 2 pm CST Thursday September 2, I will select a new winner. 
Requirements to be eligible to win: (1)You must refer fans to Dixie Diva Deals Facebook page. (2)The person you refer must 'like' Dixie Diva Deals FB page and leave a comment saying that you referred them or sent them, etc. (3)You MUST "like" www.mytsaleach.com's facebook page All 3 requirements must be met in order to be eligible to win a sampler kit.

Delene is making up some great sample kits that include a variety of DIVINE AND HEAVENLY SCENTED ITEMS! You know my reviews are 100% honest and legit. because I pay full price for her products - I don't get them free like some other products I review(I review those honestly too but some think you are biased when you get free items) - so you know for absolutely sure that if I am this crazy about products that I have to pay for, they must be amazing. I have to say though that her prices are incredible and are about half the cost of bath and body works but her products contain ingredients of the highest quality. Also you will never find better customer service! I ordered the products on Saturday and got them on MONDAY! I didn't even know that was possible. I have worked for a cosmetics company where I had access to the most popular scents in the world and I have tested every single fragrance I could get my hands on at dept. stores, Body Shop, Avon and Bath and Body Works and more - this is the first time I have found a fragrance that I am so in love with. The only problem I have with Delene's products is that I want them all! She sent me some samples of Rainwater, Juniper, Isaiah and Viva la Diva (candle) and I loved them all. My dad doesn't like products with fragrance but he smelled Isaiah and wanted me to order one of everything in that scent - he is only getting a twist up soap right now though because I am spending the rest of my budget on me haha! My mom fell in love with Rainwater and Jeanie Grace loves it all! The twist up lotion bars are a must have! They are moisturizing AND they smell heavenly. Also they are no mess. You just twist the cap on, toss it in your bag and touch up your fragrance throughout the day while moisturizing your skin! I normally have a problem with fragrances dissipating quickly on my skin. 5 mins after I spray something on usually, it is gone. Not these though! The scent of Sweet Lili (my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!) is subtle and clean but it lingers on my skin and I love that! Her Body Splashes can also be used as a leave in conditioner!! Normally if you spray perfume in your hair, it can dry your hair out because of the alcohol and the scent fades quickly. With these body sprays though, your hair smells amazing all day. For a big 6 oz. bottle, you only pay $6! Compare that with the alcohol loaded scents from B&BW that cost $10.50 for the same size bottle - even when the run a promotion you still can't get a bottle for $6 plus when you add the shipping and handling you get a ridiculously overpriced bottle of chemical filled spray that leaves an alcohol after scent - plus you can't use it in your hair! I am majorly picky about bath and body products because of my super sensitive skin. I have been using the products from mytsaleach for more than a week and my skin is looking better than ever. I just can't say enough good things about these products! There is a special right now for buy one get one free soap bars. Also, check out the kids products. There is a soap that is a rubber ducky on a pond (blue soap)! HOW adorable is that. Plus she offers sls free soaps which is a huge plus for me. I bought my daughter a set of bath crayons that smell good and let JG have fun writing on herself and she got a surprise soap bar from Delene that has made JG's day for several days in a row. The soap not only looks kind of like a cupcake (and it has little pink crystal like sprinkles in it making it look good enough to eat!) and it smells soooo good. But the thing Jeanie Grace loves is that in the middle of the soap is a small surprise! She has looked forward to washing her face (even though it's scented, the soap didn't break her face out at all and she has eczema - it's hard to find products that she can use) and taking a bath or shower or both every day! She finally got the surprise out today but I did catch her soaking the bar in a cup of water last night so she could melt the soap quicker - seriously! Well go like http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=104825262882133 and refer some friends to my facebook page so you can get a package of products from this wonderful company! I bet you will find yourself addicted to the lotion bars at the very least! Stay tuned for more giveaways this week!!!