Monday, August 23, 2010

Dixie Diva Deals and Daughter Craft Attempt! Make Tote Bags from Old Plastic Grocery Bags, Easily!

We made a plege at (and received a free car window cling to remind us) to bring our own shopping bags to the grocery store. I saw this video months ago that teaches you how to make your own grocery bags from old plastic bags and forgot to bookmark it. It was the best tutorial I have found and described the easiest way to fuse your plastic bags in order to make reusable shopping totes. I recently found the video and over the past few days have been accumulating the materials to make this project with my Dixie Diva Darling Daughter. The woman in the video gives you step by step instructions and you get to see her doing each step which helps a lot. Tonight while we were outside enjoying the full moon, my daughter and I (mostly just me since her kiddy scissors wouldn't cut the bags as well as my scissors)cut the tops and bottoms off the bags then once we came inside, we got to work on the rest of the project. We are attempting to make Barbie totes, Bratz totes and many other "dixie diva designer bags"! I will post photos tomorrow so you can see whether or not we succeeded!

How To Fuse Plastic Bags to make your own tote bags!

Another tutorial (without video)