Thursday, August 26, 2010

Buy one get one free Kids DVDs - Thomas Tank Engine, Angelina Ballerina, bratz, Carebears and more $3.30 each! Leap Frog 2 for $10 FREE SHIPPING! is offering buy one get one free on select children’s dvds when you use the code KIDSBOGO(expires 09/01). Many popular cartoons are $7.35 each then when you enter the code you get 2 for $7.35! Some of the titles include Bratz, Thomas the Tank Engine, VeggieTales, Kipper, Bob the Builder, Barney, Wallace & Grommit, Carebears, Angelina Ballerina and way too many to list. There are also complete seasons of Fraggle Rock, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other series. The lowest priced DVDs are automatically selected as the free one-taking off the lowest priced dvd total- so if you want to get more than 2 and you mix and match prices, it's best to do separate transactions. I had 8 movies in my cart - 2 for $7.35, 4 for $10.39 and 2 for $15.62  and when I had them in the same cart, the total was $52.02. When I split the purchases it was $43.75 all together.

Leap Frog dvds are $10 so get 2 for $5 each! I price searched these and the cheapest I could find was $10 when shipping costs were included so this is a great deal.

There are hundreds of titles to choose from. I found tons of choices for $7.62! Also some 2 disc sets for $7 and $10 that count as one dvd. I went to the page that lists all the dvds that are eligible for this promotion then I clicked sort by price from low to high.

DVDs for $7.62
Jonah: Veggie Tales Movie 2 discs
Doodlebops Dance Hop
Carebears Adventure in Care a lot
Bratz The Movie
Wallace & Grommit-The Wrong Trousers

There are so many more choices - way too many to list even just one from each series. Kipper, Bob the Builder, Peppa Pig

My daughter likes weird shows and I came across Edgar & Ellen - I don't know if she likes it but the entire first season 2 disc set is $5 after the code so I am going to save it for her for a birthday present. I also found a Beatrix Potter dvd that was the same price as e&e so I got it too - it will make a nice gift! The rest of the orders I didn't complete - just price checked to see if you had to do separate transactions.
Here are some of the blu rays available:
The Invincible Iron Man (blu ray)$15.62
Ultimate Avengers Collection $15.62
 (blu ray)
Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow(blu ray) $15.62
Happily N'everafter (blu ray) $15.62
Planet Hulk Special Edition 2 discs Includes Digital copy (blu-ray) $22.44

Leap Frog DVDs $10.39 for 2 after code
LeapFrog Math Adventures
Leap Frog Let's Go to School
Leap Frog Math Circus
Leap Frog Talking Words Factory